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About Us

The RaD Car Hire Story

Who We Are & Where We Came From

For over 30 years, RaD Car Hire has been servicing the rental vehicle needs of everyday people from New Zealand and overseas. Starting as a single branch in Tauranga in 1987, RaD Car Hire now proudly offers one of the largest rental vehicle networks in New Zealand. RaD Car Hire is a franchised network with each branch being owned and operated by locals from that area. This ensures that wherever you go the local RaD branch will have its finger on the pulse of local activities and hold a wealth of local knowledge.

From small beginnings in the Bay of Plenty RaD Car Hire started its life as Rent a Dent. Established by Denis Hansen, he identified a need for the everyday person to be able access rental vehicles at affordable prices. At the time Rent a Dent was originally conceived the rental vehicle market was highly regulated and dominated by a few international brands. The Rent a Dent brand helped changed this scenario by offering late model pre-owned Japanese import vehicles at affordable prices. Endearingly the name came from Denis’ 8-year-old daughter who piped up with the suggestion from the back of one of the first fleet vehicles, a Datsun 120Y.

The first franchised branches opened in 1992 and within 6 years Rent a Dent had the country covered with the promise to Pay less – Experience more. Rent a Dent quickly became a household name in New Zealand. Its success at home opened the opportunity for expansion into Australia, with several branches now established in Queensland and more throughout Australia on the horizon.

After 30 Years, Rent a Dent Became RaD Car Hire

30 years on with Denis’ son Dean at the helm it was time for a change. Whilst historically the fleet may have had some bumps and bruises as the company had grown, the fleet had also changed and quality improved. The name Rent a Dent no longer accurately reflected the standard and range of vehicles on offer. RaD Car Hire was born.

Keeping the tried and true values that had served the company well, all that changed was the name.

The Index Group Purchased RaD Car Hire - 2019

In 2019, Dean felt the time was right to pass ownership of the RaD master franchise on to a new owner that could continue the great work he and his family had put in over the previous 30 years to establish and grow the brand.

The Index Group purchased RaD Car Hire and Steve Whyte became the General Manager. Steve has a great rental car pedigree having worked in every facet of the car rental and wider motor industry over many years.

RaD Car Hire continues to provide not only exceptional customer service and reliable well priced vehicles, its personality remains one that endears customers, staff and franchisees to stay in the RaD family. The longest standing franchisee from Wellington has been part of the team for nearly 30 years and many other franchisees are similarly long-serving. Helping to maintain the strength and longevity of the company is the culture of making sure that everyone is involved. Every franchise has a voice with a regionally based advisory council that meets regularly to discuss ideas presented to them from the network.

Become a RaD Car Hire Franchisee!

If you want to become part of the RaD family as a franchisee get in touch with Steve who is open to looking at franchises in new areas, particularly in Australia as well as having opportunities available in existing areas.

Hire With Confidence

You can hire with confidence from RaD Car Hire. Great People, Great History, Great Company. Head up to the top of the page to book your vehicle or get a quote.

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