Adventure Through Antarctica, Right Here In Christchurch

Adventure Through Antarctica, Right Here In Christchurch

Explore the International Antarctic Centre at Christchurch

The International Antarctic Centre is 9 minutes away from the Christchurch International Airport and is open 7 days a week, from 9 am to 4.30 pm. Experience an adventurous journey through Antarctica and get a sense of this harsh and unique continent in the comfort and safety of New Zealand’s Christchurch.

The International Antarctic Centre offers must-see attractions to everyday visitors looking to explore and uncover this curious frozen land located at the farthest regions of the world.

What can I see and experience at the Centre?

The International Antarctic Centre aims to promote learning and knowledge-based education about this rigid and bitter region through the use of the fun and interactive activities found within the centre. Experience Antarctica with your family and friends just like the explorers of yesteryear in a controlled environment right here on the South Island.

In the Antarctic Centre, you’ll discover a new appreciation for this breathtaking continent with an inhospitable climate where only a few wildlife species have managed to survive. No matter your age, you’ll discover new and fascinating facts about the Antarctic through a snow and ice adventure unlike any other. Go on your own "expedition" into the end of the world and experience the closest most of us will get to Antarctica.

Tour with an Antarctican! Photo Credit: IAC

Create your own base camp

Scott Base is a New Zealand Antarctic research facility at Pram Point, in New Zealand's Ross Dependency territorial claim. At the International Antarctic Centre, you’ll have the chance to design your very own Scott Base camp. Enter the monthly competition and be in to win when you submit a photo of your design.

Brave the storm in an indoor snow room

Experience the sub-zero temperatures of an Antarctic storm in the Storm Dome. Can you handle a -8°C chilled room with real ice and snow and a -18°C wind chill factor? This simulation makes it easy to imagine yourself being stuck in an actual Antarctic storm.

Ride on a hägglund

Have an adventurous ride on this impressive dual-cab vehicle which travels on four heavy-duty rubber tracks - despite its bulky nature, it can reach speeds of up to 55km/h! The hägglund is an amphibious Antarctic vehicle that can take on any terrain including ice, snow, mud, and water.

Experience the adventure of a ride on a Hägglund – Photo Credit: IAC

Visit the Penguins

The little blue penguins are the cutest and smallest penguins in New Zealand. View these inquisitive, little feathered-tuxedo-clad birds in a protected environment that mimics their natural habitat as they waddle up for their morning swim, dive in and out of the water, and then scuttle back up on the rocks.

You can view their feeding time at 10.30 am and 3 pm.

Visit with the little blue penguins – Photo Credit: IAC

The 4D Effect Adventure

Venture to the 4D theatre, take a seat, and pop on your 3D glasses for an augmented reality adventure. Prepare to be wobbled in your seat, sprayed with mist and wind as you watch a short, entertaining film.

Experience Antarctic from the comfort of your movie seat! Photo Credit: IAC

Experience Antarctica in real life

Discover modern-day Antarctica and its wildlife, amazing auroras, ice formations, and towering glaciers at the International Antarctic Centre! Immerse yourself in The Climate Canary, a short 9-minute film; showcasing New Zealand’s Vanessa Wells’ direction as she uncovers the wonder of Antarctica in a captivating view of the research on climate change and understanding the human impact being done in Antarctica.

Understand how life works in Antarctica today – Photo Credit: IAC

How much does it cost?

The General Admissions tickets give you access to the Hägglund Tour, Husky Zone, Storm Dome, Penguin Rescue, HD Theatre and 4D Theatre.

Ticket prices for adults are $49 NZD and students, seniors, and children from 5 to 15 years cost $29. A family of 2 adults and up to 3 children pay $119 and seniors and students pay $29.

The VIP Backstage Penguin Pass (includes General Admission) is $69 for adults, $39 for children and $49 for seniors and students. Purchase the Ambassador Club Membership to receive an unlimited entry for a year.

You can find more information at

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