Personal Accident, Effects and Baggage Cover

Take the stress out of your holiday and have peace of mind with our Personal Property Insurance cover. For only $7.50 per day insure yourself for any personal accident, loss of personal effects and loss of baggage.

Please see below for the full Policy Schedule, terms and conditions and disclosure.

Policy Schedule


Cover under this Policy shall commence when the Insured Person departs from the Rental Company’s vehicle pick up outlet with the Vehicle and continues on until the Insured Person returns their vehicle to the drop off location agreed with the Rental Company, or the end time and date of the hire period specified within the Rental Document, whichever is the earlier.

Section A - Personal Accident

Personal Accident under this Policy only applies to the Insured Person(s) whilst they are travelling in, or getting in to or out of, the vehicle hired under the Rental Document whilst in New Zealand during the Period of Insurance.

Maximum Amount Payable for any one Occurrence per Rental Vehicle :

Section A Capital Benefits - Events 1-5 - $100,000

Cover under this Section A is only for the Events stated within this Section A. The capital Benefit payable for each relevant Event is the maximum benefit amount shown above., multiplied by the relevant percentage stated below.

Accidental Injury (as defined) resulting in:

1. Death 100%

2. Permanent Total Loss of one or more limbs 100%

3. Permanent Total Loss of sight of one or both eyes 100%

4. Permanent Quadriplegia 100%

5. Permanent Paraplegia 100%

6. Hospitalisation $100 for every continuous 24 hour period You are

confined in a licensed hospital as an inpatient up to a maximum of 30 consecutive days.

Exposure If an Insured Person suffers an Event as a direct result of exposure to the elements and the exposure arising from an Occurrence whilst the Insured Person was travelling in, or getting in to or out of, the vehicle hired during the Period of Insurance, We will pay the Benefit stated for that Event.

Disappearance If an Insured Person disappears during the Period of Insurance and after twelve (12) calendar months it is reasonable for Us to believe they have died due to an Accidental Injury that is covered by this Policy and arose from an Occurrence whilst the Insured Person was travelling in, or getting in to or out of, the vehicle hired, We will pay the benefit shown for Event 1 (Death) subject to receipt of a signed undertaking by the legal representatives of the Insured Person’s estate that any amount paid under this Policy shall be refunded to Us if it is later found that the Insured Person did not die as a result of an Accidental Injury.

Section A - Limitations

In respect to Section A Capital Benefits:

a) Where multiple Accidental Injuries have been sustained by an Insured Person or Insured Persons in the same Occurrence and more than one Event has resulted, only the Event with the highest amount will be payable. We will never pay more than the Maximum Benefit Amount for an Occurrence.

b) Where an Insured Person has suffered an Accidental Injury resulting in any one of Events 2 to 6,

We will not be liable under this Policy for any subsequent Accidental Injury to that Insured Person as a result of the original Accidental Injury.

Section B - Personal Effects and Baggage

The cover for Personal Effects and Baggage under this Policy provides insurance for the Insured Person’s baggage or personal effects (or both) whilst anywhere in New Zealand during the Period of Insurance.

Maximum Benefit Amounts

If during the Period of Insurance You suffer Loss to your personal effects or baggage(or both) including but not limited to the personal effects or baggage(or both) of these travelling with You in the vehicle, We will indemnify You up to the Sums Insured shown below, less the Section B Deductible.

B Personal Effects and Baggage

Maximum Benefit Amounts If during the Period of Insurance You suffer Loss to Your persona

1. Any one Insured Person $3,050

2. Per Rental Vehicle $6,050

3. Limit Any One Article $1,050

Exclusions applying to both Section A & B:

This Policy does not apply to any Event or Loss arising directly or indirectly from:

1. War, civil war or invasion.

2. Intentional self-inflicted Injury, suicide, or criminal or illegal act of the Insured Person who is the

subject of the claim.

3. Sexually transmitted disease, or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (A.I.D.S.) disease or Human

Immunodeficiency Virus (H.I.V.) infection.

4. Training for or participating in any sport where the Insured Person receives a fee or allowance,

sponsorship or monetary reward as a result of their participation which in total accounts for more than fifteen percent (15%) of their annual income from all sources.

5. Racing of any sort (including street racing) or pace-making in or on any motor powered device in any

capacity (i.e. whether an organized event or not).

6. Radioactive contamination or radioactivity in any form whatsoever whether occurring naturally or


7. A violation of the terms and conditions of the Rental Document.

8. Mental unsoundness of any Insured Person.

9. Accidental Injury to hitch-hikers.

10. You being under the influence of alcohol or drugs, unless prescribed by a qualified medical practitioner

that is not an Insured Person or a family member

Exclusions applying to Section B:

This Policy does not apply to any Event or Loss arising directly or indirectly from:

1. Damage to electronic data or software directly caused by mechanical or electrical failure.

2. Scratching or breakage of fragile or brittle items. This exclusion does not apply to photographic or video

equipment, binoculars, spectacles or contact lenses.

3. Wear and tear, deterioration, atmospheric or climatic conditions, mould or fungus, insects, rodents,

vermin or any process of cleaning, ironing, pressing, repairing, restoring or alteration.

4. Devaluation of currency.

5. Confiscation by Customs or any other lawful authority.

6. Losses to household furniture or household appliances.

7. Loss of credit cards, traveller’s cheques, money or travel documents unless reported to the issuing

authority as soon as reasonably practicable after the discovery of the Loss.

8. Theft or attempted theft of baggage or personal effects left unattended in a public place or from any unlocked and unattended building or vehicle.

Claims Conditions

1. On becoming aware of any event giving or likely to give rise to a claim on this Policy You must:

a) take prompt steps to minimise the Loss; b) take reasonable steps to protect the property from further Loss; c) promptly notify both Us and the Rental Company; d) if a criminal act is suspected, inform the police.

2. Procedure for making a claim

If You or Your legal representative wishes to make a claim You or they must:

a) complete a claim form (claim forms are available from Us), and attach to the claim form:

i. receipts; ii. any reports that have been obtained from the police, a carrier or other authorities about an accident, Loss or damage; and iii. any other documentary evidence required by Us under Your Policy;

b) provide Us with the completed claim form and accompanying documents within thirty (30) days

of the Event taking place which gives rise to a claim, or as soon as reasonably practical; c) give Us at Your or Your legal representative’s expense all medical and other certificates and evidence required by Us that is reasonably required to assess the claim; d) not make any offer, promise of payment or admit any liability without Our written consent; and e) help Us to make any recoveries, We have the right to sue under any other party in Your name to recover money payable under the Policy. You must provide reasonable assistance to Us.

We may have you medically examined at Our expense when and as often as We may reasonably require after a claim has been made. We may also arrange an autopsy if We reasonably require one.

If We pay an Accidental Death benefit We will pay this amount to Your estate. In all other cases, We will pay amounts under Your Policy to You.

Where there is more than one Insured Person who has suffered one or more of Events 1-5 of Section A we will divide the Maximum Benefit Amount equally between the Insured Persons.

3. If an Insured Person or anyone acting on behalf of an Insured Person makes any claim that is in any respect fraudulent, or makes any false declaration in support of a claim or uses any other fraudulent means or devices to obtain a benefit under this Policy, all benefit in respect of that claim will be forfeited.

General Conditions

1. Other Insurance

In the event of a claim, You must advise Us as to any other insurance You may have covered the same risk. In the event of other insurance, this Policy will only pay an amount in excess of any other insurance that applies, limited to the Sums Insured shown in the Policy

2. Basis of Settlement

When settling a claim under Section B, We will have the option to either:

a) pay the replacement cost of the item(s) being claimed, or b) choose to repair or replace the item(s) being claimed.

subject to the deduction of the Deductible and due allowance for wear, tear and depreciation.

3. New Zealand Law and Currency

Your Policy is governed by the laws of New Zealand. Any dispute or action in connection with Your Policy shall be conducted and determined in the courts of New Zealand.

All payments by You to Us and Us to You or someone else under Your Policy must be in New Zealand currency.

If expenses are incurred in a foreign currency, then the rate of currency exchange used to calculate the amount payable in New Zealand Dollars will be the rate at the time You incur the expense or suffer the loss.

4. Cancellation

Subject to You not having lodged any claim under this Policy, you may cancel this Policy at any time by giving Us written notice, in which case We will retain a pro-rata proportion of the premium for the time the Policy has been in force.


For the purpose of this Policy, the following definitions apply:

Accidental Injury means a bodily injury resulting from an accident, which is not an illness and which:

a) is caused by violent, external and visible means; and b) occurs as a result of an accident occurring during Your Period of Insurance; and c) results within twelve (12) months of the accident; and d) includes Sickness directly resulting from medical or surgical treatment rendered necessary by the accident; and e) may include a bodily injury caused by You being directly and unavoidably exposed to the elements as a result of an Occurrence.

Doctor or Dentist means a registered and legally qualified doctor or dentist who is not the Insured Person or a family member.

Event means one of the occurrences listed in the Benefits Schedule set out within this Policy. Limb means the entire limb between the shoulder and the wrist or between the hip and the ankle. Loss means physical loss or damage.

“Our”,”Us” or “We” means Chubb Insurance New Zealand Limited.

Occurrence means an unintended and unexpected happening.

Paraplegia means Permanent and entire paralysis of both legs and part or whole of the lower half of the body.

Permanent means lasting 12 consecutive months and at the end of that period being beyond hope of improvement.

Permanent Total Disablement means total disablement which continues for 12 consecutive months and at that time is certified by a registered and legally qualified medical practitioner (who is not the Insured Person or a family member) as being beyond hope of improvement and entirely preventing the Insured Person forever from engaging in any business, profession, occupation or employment for which he or she is reasonably qualified by training, education or experience.

Pre-Existing Medical Condition means:

a) any physical defect, condition, illness or disease for which treatment, medication or advice (including

advice for treatment) has been received or prescribed by a Doctor or Dentist in the twelve (12) months immediately prior to becoming an Insured Person under the Policy; or b) a condition, the manifestation of symptoms of which a reasonable person in the circumstances would be

expected to be aware of three (3) months prior to becoming an Insured Person under the Policy.

Quadriplegia means Permanent and entire paralysis of both legs and both arms.

Rental Company means RaD Car Hire and any subsidiary company, more than half the nominal value of whose equity share capital is owned by a named Rental Company either directly or through subsidiaries; any licensee of a named Rental Company; or any entity over which a named Rental Company exercises management control.

Rental Document means the document detailing the vehicle hire contract agreement in place between the Rental Company and the Insured Person(s).

Sickness means any illness or disease of the Insured Person occurring during the Period of Insurance and whilst the person is an Insured Person. It does not mean any Pre-Existing Medical Condition.

Total Loss means the Permanent and total physical loss of the body part(s) referenced in the Benefits Schedule. Where the body part is a Limb, hand, foot, finger or toe, Total Loss means the Permanent and total physical loss of use of that body part, referenced in the Benefits Schedule, or for an eye entire and irrecoverable loss of sight in that eye.

"You" or "Your" means the Insured Person as set out in Item 2 of the Policy Schedule.