Get more from your RaD Car Hire Rental Car Holiday

RAD Rentals is one of New Zealand’s largest rental car networks in the country. Founded by a kiwi bloke, who one day decided that the average person was paying too much when hiring through the international brands. The market was revolutionized at this time by RAD Rentals, offering pre-loved second hand rental vehicles to the New Zealand public, at half the cost of the big boys.

Today, RAD Rentals is a strong and well recognized rental brand, operating 24 franchise outlets in New Zealand and three in Queensland, Australia. Because of the vast rental network that covers much of New Zealand, RAD Rentals can offer services that not many others can. Our owner operators ensure the best customer service at all times, well serviced and maintained rental cars, station wagons, mpv, mini coaches, utes and trucks. One way hires are normally a breeze for RAD Rentals, as it prides itself in helping travellers get from one place to another. We almost never say no!

So get your dates organized and make a booking with RAD Rentals. You will be pleasantly surprised.

RAD Rentals are now currently offering a RAD Card to all its customers. This card will enable the RAD Rentals customer huge savings on many cafes, restaurants, hotels and activities right across New Zealand and Queensland, Australia.

Do not miss the chance to save $$$'s. In some cases, it is like hiring a rental car for free!

We look forward to seeing you soon.

  • Great Cars.
  • Great Rates.
  • Great Service.
  • 24 Locations throughout New Zealand.
  • Brisbane Airport also servicing, Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Coolingatta
  • Sunshine Coast, Maroochydore.
  • One Way Hires.
  • Long term rentals, packages tailored to suit.
  • Airport Locations, pick up and drop off service.
  • Ferry collections, cruise ship meet and greet, train & bus station pick and drop off.
  • New Zealand Company.

"What More Do You Want"