TRAVELLING UNDER THE RED AND ORANGE TRAFFIC LIGHT SYSTEM FROM 3 DEC 2021: Airlines, ferries and other transport operators will require you to have your vaccine pass or negative test before you can travel, and the same applies if you are crossing the Auckland border (after 15 Dec). Whilst our industry is not required to check vaccine passes, when you collect your car or use our shuttle service, please mask up, scan in and follow physical distancing guidelines. Contactless transactions can be arranged, just let us know in advance if this is your preference, you have a mask exemption, or if you are exiting an MIQ facility - we will be only too happy to assist. Enjoy your summer adventure!


Hi, I just wanted to thank you very much for your wonderful service this last few days.

You made the process really easy from booking to return, so thank you very much.

We will certainly be using your services again in future!

Kind regards

North Canterbury Basketball Association

You were incredibly helpful and contributed to us having a pretty easy time while in New Zealand, Thanks RaD!

Thank you once again for the excellent service I received from you and your staff. It was truly SERVICE EXCELLENCE. Kind regards Franco

An Important Update re COVID-19 from the team at RaD Car Hire


Don't let the chance of a Covid-19 lockdown prevent you from making holiday plans!

If an Alert Level 3 or 4 Lockdown is announced after you have booked, we won't charge you any cancellation or postponement fees. So you can amend your booking to a later date, or cancel altogether if required.

Some of our branches require you to pay a deposit upon booking. If you have paid a deposit this will be refunded if L3 or L4 Lockdown causes you to cancel your booking, or will be held in credit in the event that you postpone your pick up.

Please note that if Level 3 or Level 4 Lockdown is not the reason you are cancelling then our usual cancellation policy will apply.


If you've been in a Managed Isolation and Quarantine Facility, and are now wishing to hire a car, please do let us know. We will arrange a contactless pick-up with the vehicle delivered to your hotel.

In addition, these are the extra measures we are taking to protect you from Covid-19.

How we are Cleaning our Cars...

In response to COVID-19 we have purchased additional supplies of disinfectant and will ensure that every vehicle that leaves our yard has been thoroughly disinfected, paying particular attention to steering wheels, gear knobs, door handles and car keys (which will be in a sealed envelope or lock box for you).

Preparations at our Branches...

All our teams around the country have undertaken a deep clean of their offices, and as part of their regular operation will be regularly wiping down counters, keyboards, door handles and regularly used items.

If you have any queries at all, give us a call from within New Zealand on FREEPHONE - for RaD NZ 0800 73 68 23 and for RaD Australia 0800 32 79 48. To contact RaD Australia from within Australia - call 1800 73 68 23.

It's still a RaD Time to Plan your Next Adventure!

Working within the constraints of the overseas travel restrictions needn't stop you from having epic adventures. It's a great time to make the most of the country you are in - and take yourself to places you might otherwise have not explored. The freedom of your own four wheels from RaD is by far the best way to get there!